Have you ever walked into a clothing store and immediately felt awkward, unsettled or possibly unwelcome? Did someone look you up and down and scoff at your size, shape, general appearance or style preference? Well I know that I have! Not only have I felt out of place because of others but I have witnessed this happen to so many women; from judgmental sideways glances, direct glares, whispers and giggles to flat out rude comments. The stories on social media and complaints I've received about today's popular companies are endless, many of them almost too awful to believe. 

I decided that I wanted to open a boutique about two years ago after reading yet another painful article about a woman who was told that she shouldn't be wearing shorts because they weren't "flattering" on her legs... Are you kidding me?! I believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin. I took these stories so personally and my heart aches for every woman who has ever faced any type of discrimination simply because of her outward appearance. 

My personal goal with Chickadee By Hannah B. is to uplift as many women as I can, to provide and help others find clothing that leaves them gleaming with confidence and feeling beautiful! I want to provide my assistance to everyone, whether it be picking out a piece from my boutique or simply giving advice on an outfit for that evening. Chickadee By Hannah B. is a boutique for all women, no exceptions! 

She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. -Proverbs 3:15